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Computers for beginners Courses

I Introduction to Windows and Computer Care  download:    



This hands-on course is designed as an introduction to the Windows environment and the basic computer care tips and tricks. Most users are not aware of all the tools that make their work on the computer much easier and more effective. You will have a clean, well-maintained PC or laptop without the unnecessary clutter and have access to programs and tools that will keep you and your workspace organised and problem-free. You will feel more confident as a user, being able to both trouble-shoot problems and to prevent them from occurring.

 Introduction to Computers course includes:

  managing and maintaining  Windows environment;

  creating and working with folders;

  searching, deleting files;

  working with Microsoft Word and Accessories;

  cleaning hard disk;

  virus and spyware control;


  file compression with Winzip;

  Introduction to Internet and Email;

  multitasking using multiple Windows and much, much more

There are no suggested prerequisites for this course.

II Introduction to Microsoft Office Course  download:

Introduction to Microsoft Office & Multitasking one-day course is for anyone who has not used or has a limited knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook, and would like to get an overall introduction to its main principals and operations (all versions, including Office 2013).

You will learn the basic features of the most popular business programs today, work on an integrated project and be able to multitask and move text and graphics among the applications.

 A project exercise is designed for beginners to get hands-on experience using various​ Microsoft programs ​in business environment.

There are no suggested prerequisites for this course.

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Computers for beginners courses are suitable for:

Work cover rehabilitation learners

Retrenchment computer upskilling programs

Office managers

Payroll clerks/officers

Personal assistants

Personnel clerks

Project managers

Sales clerks/officers



Retail assistants

Managers/owners of a small business, etc.


Other computer training courses

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