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Microsoft Excel Courses

Do you want to be efficient in using spreadsheets in  Microsoft Excel?

We offer several courses at different levels of Microsoft Excel, the most application for formulas, graphs and data entry in the office.

You will create a variety of spreadsheets from budgets to forecasts, will analyse and organize numbers, financial data, and other information. You will create bar, pie charts and other. You will efficiently format data, use formulas, work with page setup, etc.

Working with formulas and numbers can be a lot fun using Microsoft Excel.

Introduction to Excel is for beginners wishing to learn how to do data entry, edit, copy, print, format, search, delete, store spreadsheets, use basic formulas create graphs, as well as Excel's screen navigation and Views, mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Our supportive and highly experienced and qualified educators will show you tips and tricks how to save time and teach you the most user-friendly techniques which are fun and easy to master.
See a complete list of topics  Excel Introduction    download

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Intermediate Excel course is for those who know the basics but wish to be more creative and efficient in working with spreadsheets; learning troubleshooting techniques, working on more advanced formulas like vlookup and whatif, etc.

You will work with databases, Pivot tables and charts, dates, 3D spreadsheets, etc.
See a complete list of topics  Excel Intermediate Tips and Tricks  download

Advanced Microsoft Excel course is for advanced Excelusers and those who wish to learn innovative and time-saving techniques.

You will create templates, work with macros, optimised security, work with advanced formulas, validate data and more. You will customise Excel  to suit your needs.

You will work with shared documents, using revision marking and other time-saving features. You will create a webpage and with work import/export of files.

See a complete list of topics  Excel Advanced Tips and Tricks   download

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