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Excel Intermediate Manual

1)Revision of Excel Basic

2)  Working Across 3D Worksheets and Workbooks

Adding and Moving Worksheets

Work with formulas using 3-D references

Insert, rename, and delete worksheets within a workbook.

Work with more than one worksheet simultaneously.

Create links between cells in different sheets and workbooks and associated design issues

3)  Page Layout and Design

Freeze/Unfreeze Panes

Split Panes


Page Breaks and Views

Print: Columns/Rows Repeat

Print Areas/Gridlines/Column/Row Headings

Center on Page Horizontally and Vertically

4)  Absolute Referencing

5)  IF Logical Statements

Nesting Worksheet Functions

6)  Lookup reference tables

Using Named Ranges

7)  Use fill techniques

Create data series and create your own custom AutoFill series

Mouse fill techniques

8)   Excel databases

Designing databases

Entering and organizing data

Finding and editing, extracting and maintaining data

Accessing external databases e.g. Microsoft Access

Use the list/database features in Excel including basic list information, sorting, using the Data Form, filtering, database functions, automatic subtotals

Organizing Data
- Sorting
- Filtering

9)  Customizing Excel

See a complete list of Excel  topics 

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